Incorporate nature into your space with a beautiful custom Biophilic word clock from Timebrandits.


Spring is upon us and the Biophilia trend is in full bloom, encouraging us to bring the natural world indoors. At TimeBrandits, they have taken this trend to heart by offering a range of stunning clock options that allow you to embrace your favourite outdoor memories and spaces within your home or office. These unique clocks, available in various sizes from desktop-friendly 140x140mm to the striking wall-mounted giant format measuring 1000x1000mm, are designed to be both functional and impactful.


Capturing Nature’s Beauty in Clocks

What sets these clocks apart is the ability to feature high-quality photographs of landscapes, flowers, trees, seascapes, and more, on their acrylic gloss finish surfaces. Instead of traditional numeric displays, they use a digital WORD Clock format that tells the time using words, adding a touch of uniqueness to your timekeeping. Unique Timekeeping: Stand out with a word clock format that tells time in an innovative and eye-catching way.


Customise Your Timepiece

The best part is that you can make these clocks truly yours by sending us your most beautiful outdoor photo and letting the team know the size of your interior space. They will work with you to design a clock face that seamlessly integrates your chosen image, creating a personalized timepiece that captures the essence of your cherished outdoor memories.



    As spring ushers in a renewed appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors, embrace the Biophilia trend with custom Biophilic Word Clocks. Connect with nature, personalize your space, and create a unique and captivating timepiece that reflects your love for the great outdoors.

    It’s time to bring the outside in and make your interior space a reflection of your most cherished outdoor memories. Get started on your personalized clock journey today!




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