Big, Bold, and Bronze…Giant WORD Clock byTimeBrandits.


When our clients were faced with the task of filling a large wall
and wanted to make a bold statement, they turned to us for
the perfect solution. Our goal was clear: to provide them with
an impactful conversation starter that would captivate anyone
who laid eyes on it. And that’s when we introduced them to our
magnificent Giant WORD Clock.

We love our metallic bronze word clock which enhances our subdued, calm, decor setting.  Everyone who visits our home is amazed and people don’t stop talking about it. This unusual  time piece deserves pride of place in our lounge!
The best thing is that we do not have to reset the clock after loadshedding!

Angela Tomaz


The Giant WORD Clock commands attention with its sheer size and undeniable presence. It dominates the wall, becoming the focal point of any room. This striking visual display instantly captivates the viewer, evoking a sense of wonder and intrigue.



Traditional clocks can be bothersome with their incessant ticking. However, the TimeBrandits’ digital WORD Clock offers a refreshing departure from that. Its unique design showcases time digitally, advancing silently in five-minute intervals. This not only eliminates the annoyance of constant ticking but also adds an element of sophistication and tranquility to the ambiance.


One of the most significant advantages ofthe Giant WORD Clock is its ability to piquecuriosity. As the time changes in discreetintervals, observers are left wondering andeager to decipher the words and phrasesthat light up, showing the current time. Thisinteractive element sparks conversations,encouraging people to gather around andengage with the clock, making it a trueconversation starter.


TimeBrandits takes pride in theircommitment to craftsmanship, and theGiant WORD Clock is a testament to that.Meticulously constructed using high-qualitymaterials, this masterpiece exudeselegance and durability. The bronze finishadds a touch of sophistication,complementing a variety of interior stylesseamlessly.

We love being able to offer our clientsthe giant size WORD Clock as anotheroption.
At exhibitions we had receivedmany requests for a larger size to suiteclients requests, particularly for doublevolume and open plan spaces.

Adriane Carboni


Versatile Elegance:

While the Giant WORD Clock is undoubtedly impressive, it is also versatile enough to enhance any space. Whether it’s acontemporary living room, an upscale office, or a stylish cafe, this clock effortlessly elevates the aesthetic appeal of anyenvironment. Its bold design and timeless elegance make it a perfect fit for both residential and commercial settings.


When it comes to making a statement with your wall decor, nothing can compare to the magnificence of the TimeBrandits’Giant WORD Clock. With its impressive size, silent time progression, and ability to spark curiosity, this masterpiece truly standsout from the crowd. Combining impeccable craftsmanship and versatile elegance, it becomes the epitome of impactful art.Elevate your space with the big, bold, and bronze presence of the Giant WORD Clock by TimeBrandits and make a lastingimpression on all who enter.

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